• Aaron D. Delgado
    Aaron D. Delgado
    Managing Partner

    I have always wanted to be a trial lawyer. There is nothing I enjoy more than cross examining a witness or delivering my closing argument to the jury.

  • Matthew E. Romanik
    Matthew E. Romanik

    I am proud to be an attorney who represents plaintiffs. I have litigated over 50 contested trials and assisted hundreds of clients through administrative adjudications.

  • Blake A. Taelman
    Blake A. Taelman

    In 2010, I decided to heed my calling to the law. Now, I spend my time aggressively defending the rights of my clients at Delgado & Romanik.

  • Tim A. Pribisco
    Tim A. Pribisco

    Tim has tried over 30 jury trials ranging from first degree misdemeanors to capital felonies. He was awarded the Top Gun Trial Award by the State Attorney’s Office and the Law Enforcement Commendation Medal by the Sons of the American Revolution.

  • James R. Disinger
    James R. Disinger

    James has tried over 110 criminal jury trials, both as a prosecutor and a criminal defense attorney, and has represented clients in child custody proceedings, injunction hearings, bond hearings, and violation of probation cases.

  • Harry D. Rutherford
    Harry D. Rutherford

    Harry has worked on complex and high-stakes cases, including cybercrime, white collar crime, sexually-motivated offenses, and even murders.

  • Jeri Delgado
    Jeri Delgado

    There is a story inside every appellate case that is the other side of the story told to the jury at trial. That’s the story Jeri loves to find, and the story she seeks to tell because it is those who have already been convicted who need help the most.

  • Eric Latinsky
    Eric Latinsky
    Of Counsel

    I provide a wealth of experience to the Firm, particularly in appellate and administrative law matters.

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